One of the most significant sources of inspiration is music. It is the highest art form. It is a resonance that encapsulates the body, mind, and spirit. For centuries, mystics, shamans, and more recently physicists, have spoken about the makeup of the entire thing being vibration, and when we contemplate on what music is, we find that it is the direct link between sound, light, and existence. What's interesting is that every religious book hints at this link through their own metaphoric way  ("In the beginning was the Word.")

Light And Music = Vibration

The photographs that have come through me are also heavily influenced by music. When I was shooting and laying out Private Collection, I was discovering music that was new to me. Exotic sounds and melodies that demanded my attention and inspired visual reveries that no other popular music had induced. So with each discovery, my world expanded. When it came time to announce the book, it became apparent that the musical component was an essential element of the entire experience; so I decided to include it with the book.

A playlist of songs that inspired the first volume of private collection. A soundtrack to the book, if you will,  that follows the "plot" of the collection. The underlying tone of the images and the metaphoric flow of the book itself, accompanied by order of the songs in the playlist.

Now that the book has reached the hands of its owners, I feel like sharing this playlist with everyone. Hoping that it inspires even one person the way it has inspired me.


Neave Bozorgi