Photo Zero

Photo Zero is for the ones 

Who feel ‘stuck’ in a creative pattern or style and wish to change directions. Who do not know how to conceptualize or bring their ideas to life. Who feel repetitiveness in their work.

Who often we feel the need to perform, give to, or please their audience and those around them. 

Who don’t know how to create an income through photography.

Who wish to turn photography into a business that can support them and nurture a more creative lifestyle. 

For those who don’t know how to direct or connect with a model. Who wish to photograph nudity, but are unsure how to approach it. Or those who wish to add more class to their already existing ways of portraying nudity.

It is for those who wish to take simple but provoking portraits.

Who wish to see eye-catching potential in any context or situation; to turn any setting into a shooting location.

For those who want to master natural light in all of its stages and seasonal changes. 

For the hobbyists wanting to expand and create interesting or more dynamic photographs. 

For those who wish to take images worthy of being in museums, books, and magazines. 

For those who wish to mix their love for design, paintings, and photography.

For those who compare themselves. Who are at times anxious or doubtful.

Who live a busy life and feel the urge to slow down. Who are being called to meditate but cannot do so. 

Photo Zero is for those who feel like they’re not tapping into their potential. 

Ultimately, it is for those who doubt their gifts and their work. It is for those who wish to find imagination, playfulness, and community within the art.



Basic knowledge of the operations of a camera of any sort.

Open-mindedness, patience, and dedication. 


Photo Zero is a photography course condensed into a handbook that is easily accessible on your phone, tablet, and desktop. It encourages active participation, calling on the full involvement on the person taking the course.

The objective of Photo Zero is to enhance the way we observe the world through inward examination. By exploring the various qualities of light, and by strengthening our intuition and imagination. Photo Zero helps us to see differently, erratically, imaginatively. 

162 Pages. 344 images

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The first 100 people who order the PDF will recieve a free printed copy of the book. It won't have any of the links, but it'll be cool to doodle on!

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    I shared Photo Zero with a few photographers while I was working on the book. These screenshots (with their permission, of course) is what they said about it.