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Every person who carries a smartphone is a potential photographer, and access to professional cameras has never been easier. So it's safe to say that we have more photographers in this world than we have ever had in the past. But most photographers (and potential photographers) feel stagnation. They don't feel inspired, have a hard time establishing a style, or they don't even like their own work. Of course, there are plenty of people who are "killing it", but for the most part, people either don't know what to photograph (so they scroll Instagram to find inspiration), they’re stagnant and aren’t evolving artistically, or they don't realize how easy it is to create beautiful images without having expensive gear or access to crazy locations.

Aspiring photographers sign-up for workshops and online photography courses in hopes of sparking something inside that will change their status quo. They spend thousands of dollars attending workshops taught by known names in the photography world and still manage to take shitty photos afterward. How is that possible!? If we’re spending a week with a talented photographer and still can’t get it right, what’s happening?

It used to boggle my mind, but I finally realized that most of us approach photography from a technical standpoint and forget to consider intuition, perception, harmony, feeling, and conceptual thinking. The majority of photography courses and workshops focus only on the technical aspects of the craft. But that is only a fraction of what is needed to create a timeless photograph. The rest of it relies on how a person sees the world. We rely too much on metrics and numbers, and not enough on gut-instinct.

That is where Photo Zero comes in; it is the bridge that connects the technical to the expressive side of photography. The technical covers how to use the camera, what settings to use at what time and where, or how to develop film and so on, whereas the expressive covers the unquantifiable. Photo Zero is a guide that approaches photography through exploring intuition, attention, grounding, conceptual thinking, design, and inward inquiry.


If you have no experience with the camera you can still benefit from the information in Photo Zero, but I recommend watching some YouTube videos on how to use a camera and practicing using the tool while you’re going over the material in Photo Zero.. The two will compliment each other nicely.

Everything I’ve learned along the way that has played a roll in my style and evolution as a photographer is included in the handbook . Some of the lessons come from my days at design school, spending 10,000+ hours studying light and exploring photography, establishing a style, photographing/directing models and celebrities, producing/shooting apparel and commercial campaigns, self-publishing a coffee table book, building clientele, growing an email list, doubting myself, trying to be a perfectionist, and everything in-between.

Photo Zero is a 160-page digital book (will come in ebook and PDF format) and it includes 344 photos (I might add more by the time it’s released), both old and recent; mostly never released on the internet (some were in my coffee table book).

There are assignments at the end of each chapter that are recommended as practice. Not only it would be a good way of practicing self-discipline by doing the assignments with no given deadline, but also as a way to perform activities that fall outside the walls of habit. They are inspired by real-world stories and situations, designed to be challenging to your patience, judgement, self-discipline, conceptual thinking, and commitment.

Since I spent a lot of time in conceptual photography, the visual examples and how I make my points are mostly made through the same style ; but I'm confident that people who are interested in documentary-style photography will also find the information in this book useful (especially in the synergy chapter, where we try to approach communication and association metaphorically).

There are also videos that go over skin retouching, color correcting, and how I take photos and videos with the iPhone that I will be available as a separate tier. The videos are screen recordings of my workflow as I do the work and talk nonsense.

You will also have access to a private Telegram group where we will build a community around Photo Zero.

*Some of the photos in the book contain mild nudity.

Releasing before March 22nd, 2019.



Photo Zero will be released early 2019. It will be available as an ebook and PDF. Sign up if you are interested! 

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