May 2, 2019 - Earthquake, California, Instagram, fat, jiggly stomach, photography, social media, space ship, Marvel, Disney, and swallowing.

April 19th - Cathedrals, Coachella, hashtags, basic, sandwiches, trends, Emrata, poop, and scales.

April 9th - It's hot, I'm hot, poppy fields, photographers, butts, walking hashtags, being 80, sex parties, TMZ, smells, and stanley kubrick.

Instagram, redeo drive, jc penny, artist, about me, heroin, follow/unfollow, models, photographers, and being happy to be here.

Instagram, Led Zeppelin, addiction, social media, self-love, detectives, linkedin, Netflix, tombstones, emoji, couch energy, and cafe gratitude.

Cake, friday night, implants, the planet, Joe Rogan, chocolate factory, implants, coral reefs, confidence, hairless cats, being bored, and this is how we do it.

Hollywood, hair gel, dancing, 120 million dollars, art, cocaine, sharks, child-safe, slippery floors, and chinese people.

Digital camera, photography, workshops, trying, being a human, community, artists, being senstive, and bowel movements.

Vegan, science, delta, coffee, Venice beach, shaman, yogi, LSD, ants, and other tangents

Eggplants, flaking, photo zero, models, rich people, Kylie Jenner, Jaguar, fine wine, texting, and doing it for the art

Happy to be here, San Diego, Koreans, dental work, Superbowl, feet, photography, fashion, Los Angeles, traffic, and skin retouching.

Tijuana, root canals, astrology, DMT, gender fluid, Taliban, Silverlake, name fluid, and whether or not this is a podcast.

iPhones, Tulum, fly-out season, fashion, playback of my life, Social media, folks, conspiracy theories, and the green-text people.

The year of the pig, avocado toasts, 15 dollars, photo zero, West Coast tour, not making videos, and happy new year.

The year 2018, family, photography, Bill Burr, being vegan and then not, family, change, DMT, and leaf blowers.

PayPal links, wishlists, artists, rich people, culture, vegan burritos, money, value, Radiohead, and Gucci shoes.


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