A single photograph has the potential to create an emotional reaction.

How do we create photographs that contain an emotional potential? The person taking the photo (photographer) has to feel a feeling (ground) while looking through the view finder and clicking the shutter button. Either they have to feel a feeling that is already present in the space, or they have to create the feeling and fill the space with that energy. They have to fill the space and the light within the frame with the energy (vibration) of their emotion.

The vibration emitted by the photographer tunes the energy of the space to the frequency of their emotion state of being (or thought, if strong enough). When a musician is playing their instrument or singing while they are deep within their feelings, the music resonates with the listener at that deeper level and harmonizes the majority of the room.

The same is true with photography. If a person holding the camera plays their instrument as they’re “feeling it”, they create an image that carries that resonance.

Photography is much deeper than a hobby or gear or status. We're capturing the essence of life on a plate/negative and storing it. We're playing with dimensions and perspectives. We’re experimenting with capturing the different qualities of light and vibration and energy. Thousands of factors go into the creation of a single image: from the food in our belly, to time/field continuum ripenings, collective readiness, individual human evolution, permission, family and societal dynamics, barometric pressure, and all of life that play multidimensionality in a moment.

As individuals who capture energy and light, we could consider the scale of what is actually happening when a photograph is created as a part of our practice. Through this practice, the act of photography becomes less about vanity, and more about research, observation, contribution, union, connection, and appreciation. It introduces imagination, curiosity, respect, and responsibility.

Photo Zero helps us create photographs that contain authentic resonances through information, assignments, and practices. It helps us in releasing creative blockages and allowing the stream of creativity and emotion to flow through us.

Neave Bozorgi