I was scanning negatives and watching Youtube videos in the background all day yesterday (doing hard work) and I ended up clicking on a video that talked about social media addiction and what it’s doing to the human brain (it’s fucking us). I think by now I’ve watched 20 videos about how social media is turning us into giant idiots, and every time I do I think to myself “yeah..but I need it for my business”. So I don’t change anything and continue on with life as it were. But for some reason, it clicked yesterday.

The timing of it is kind of challenging though. I’m about to release Photo Zero in the next few days and if you know anything about marketing you know you need that Instagram following! Right? If I told a marketing guy that I’m about to release something and that I’ve disabled my Instagram he would think I’m the dumbest person to be wearing clothes.

We’ll see what happens. It has only been a few days; not freaking out yet.

Here are some videos about it:


Update: I came across this article on the New York Times (do we trust them?) about the amount of stress our body experiences because of the phone.

Putting Down Your Phone May Help You Live Longer

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