Photo Set: Kylie


It was the beginning of 2015, when my instagram handle had an underscore in it, that Joyce Bonelli slid in my DM’s asking if I’m in town and if i’d be down to collaborate on a secret project.

She didn’t tell me who I was going to photograph but I wasn’t about to be like “not until I know who it is”.

Turned out, it was a Kylie person.

We set up a date and traded some messages about what Kylie was feeling at the time. I asked my friend to lend me his Hollywood Hills house (oh, so chic), and rented a classic Porsche to make it all sorts of more chic, and hoped for the best.

Neave Bozorgi, Kylie Jenner

I’m posting the rest of this set in the next private gallery towards the end of July. I think.

Neave Bozorgi, Kylie Jenner

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