Photography Questions


I think it was around 2013-2014 where my Instagram (and then later, Snapchat) blew up and people knew my name and what I looked like and where I hung out at and all this crazy stuff. I was part of a handful of photographers who were photographing the top up-and-coming models on social media. Not only that, I was part of an even fewer photographers that had the trust of these models to photograph them nude. Out of the chaos of social media notoriety, came curious photographers.

I started getting emails and DMs and requests to meet up in person to talk about photography. Most of the questions had to do with models; like “how do you convince models to shoot nude with you?”, “how do you contact agencies?”, or "how do you direct models?”. From there the question the became about how I made a career out of my photography, what equipment I used, or trying to figure out what techniques I was using to get deep contrasts in my photos or come up with concepts.

I still get asked, and finally I though “put this stuff together in a book!”. So I took all of those questions, my experiences and growth throughout my career, learning from mistakes, and developing a style, and put together Photo Zero; Wrapped up as a nicely designed PDF.

These are some of the areas I’ve covered (in no order):

Boosting imagination, directing and posing a model, forming a connection with people, conceptualizing, making an income as an artist, pointers to look out for while shooting portraiture, portfolio building and contacting brands/agencies, how to utilize textures, how to implement a designer’s eye to photograph light and shadow, creating cross-references that help us create work that is not “obvious”, the etiquette of shooting nude (and how), meditation through photography, a resource page of links to interesting subjects that have played a roll in my style, dealing with self-doubt, comparison, benefits of shooting on film (not environmentally, unfortunately), and visual examples from myself and a few others.

I wrote down what came to mind, but that is the juice of it! If you want to check it out, go here.

Until next time.