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A month ago I put up a page on my website and made it password protected. It’s essentially a page with a bunch of different galleries of different sets. So far the response has been great so I’m going to keep doing it while keeping it private.

Here’s why I’m doing it: I have a hatred for Mark Zuckerberg and the fact that he owns Instagram (I’m only half-kidding). I also don’t like that Instagram’s goal is to get its users to spend as much time as possible on the app so they can sell ads.

I started feeling like I’m cheapening my work by posting it on Instagram. It felt like I’m giving away my work to a platform that makes money off of the time people spend on engaging with it (remember how a few years ago Instagram updated its user policy and it said that the platform owns the rights to its user’s content and everybody freaked out? They changed the wording, but they are using our content to buy time and sell ads). I also got sick of losing to its algorithm and then to its censorship laws. If you post a photo of an attractive model, a puppy, or ice cream, your engagement shoots up and everyone will see it. Because the algorithm thinks that it’s “quality content” and “more people need to see it”. But if you post an “artsy” photo that has a lot of depth and detail, it goes nowhere. Barely anyone sees it and that is the end of it.

So for that reason, I’m putting more time into my website for all the things I can’t share on any social media platforms. From algorithm to censorship, I am fighting an uphill battle on these platforms and it’s really not worth the effort anymore.

By making a private gallery, I’m building a community with the people who care enough to sign up and see the work and engage with it. These are the people I want to put my time and effort into, not some fucking algorithm and Mark Zuckerdick.

That’s my reasoning. If you’re someone who’s putting their work on Instagram and not spending much time growing an email list or building their own platform, I ask that you reconsider. And if you have any questions about it, definitely reach out.

If you’re interested in having access to the gallery, sign up for the email list below. I update the gallery once a month (usually around the 15th) and send out a new password when it’s ready.

Until then,


Email List

The private gallery will be updated once a month and a new password will be sent out once it is updated. It will be where I share previews of new sets, archives and other bullshit that's nice to look at.

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