San Marino Motor Classic


San Marino Motor Classic 2018

About a month ago I saw banners around the neighborhood about a car show held at the local park. It's not a huge park, so I thought, very naively, that I would go, pay the same $4 admission fee, walk right in and take some photos of cars. I asked my partner if she'd like to go and so a plan was made.

The Sunday of the show was upon us. We parked a few blocks away walked to the front entrance, confident that the admission fee would be less than 10 dollars and that we would be on our way. WRONG AGAIN! It was 30 dollars and a long line of people waiting to pay. I realized I had underestimated the capacity of the park and how well known it is. I also realized I don't know anything about car shows.

As we stood there contemplating whether or not we really want to attend or not, a person next to us tapped me on my shoulder and asked "hey, you guys want some free tickets? we're leaving." To which I responded "wow, really!?" like an excited young boy in a 50's movie "thanks, mister!" I grabbed the tickets, and we were finally on my way. Also, we were quite excited that someone just gave us free tickets. "It was meant to be."

The way the car show was set up was that all of the cars were parked on the grass area, with people and judges swarming the vehicles from all angles. I didn't want to take photos with people behind them, neither was I interested in having the images look like they were created at a car show. So I did my best with angles, isolation, and lens range to crop out the unnecessary noise. It was a fun challenge, and the entire experience worked out beautifully.

Here is a gallery of photos taken during the classic car show: