The way workshops usually work (and how I have done a few in the past) is that you spend a day or few with a person and you come back with a bouquet of knowledge, realization and inspiration (hopefully). I think that’s packing too much all at once. It should be done over time and on a comfortable pace.

The first step of this workshop is to send you an ebook that contains every bit of information and lesson I’ve learned that relates to photography and the business of it. The second step is our session together in person. And the final step is the video conferences we have afterwards to go over everything. The way you are pre-exposed to a lot of the things wed be talking about in person, and you’ll get a chance to talk things over after the workshops has ended.

It’s different with every case, but what I usually do is to go on a field trip with the person(s) and watch them do their thing with the camera. From there I find out what some of the problems are, attempt to fix it with the person, and then share how I go about my approach to give them a reference point from a different point of view.

Here are some specifics I can help you with:

Adobe - Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, and some illustrator.

Cameras - How to shoot on film, and shooting with digital (Canon/iPhone only) Lighting - How to make use of natural light at any time of day/year. How to shoot and maximize creativity in studio-lighting situations. How to shoot in way that doesn’t require you to edit photos or use presets.

Models - Communication, working with agencies, protocol, etiquette, setting space, directing, and harmonizing. Portraiture, lingerie, fine-art nude, editorial, swim, and beauty.

Presentation - Package, brand, and sell prints with a personal touch. Process, design, curate, and arrange a printed body of work (book, zine, prints).

(Side note: if you have anxiety and are trying to slow down your life, meditate, relax, be patient, be calm, and find some clarity, give film photography a consideration. Contact me if you have questions about this!)

You will be responsible for how this workshop moves forward. You don’t just pay money and have someone do everything for you, part of this learning is discipline and playing the roll of a producer! You will be the producer o this workshop. You start learning from day 0 haha. It’s not my job to set a date for us to talk, it’s yours. It’s not my job to lock in a date for us to meet and make sure everything is going to go as smoothly as possible, it’s yours! Also I will not sugar-coat anything for you when it comes to points and critiques, if I lied it would be insulting to you as a paying client. Discipline, commitment, curiosity, good attitude, and open-mindedness are the key requirements for taking this workshop.

Our session in person is two three-hour long sessions, or one six-hour long session (depending on our schedule, we either split the workshop in two, or we do it all in one day. The hours don’t reflect break periods). Once you receive the ebook, you will find all of the information needed for us to begin communication and planning. Each workshop is catered to the individual(s) on case by case basis.

The fee covers one of the resources needed for our workshop: traveling fees (if I am coming to you), our transportation to nearby areas (if you’re coming to me), location rental, model fee, hair stylist and make up artist, wardrobe stylist, booking a studio (including equipment such as lights, digital tech, etc), and equipment rental (lenses, cameras, etc. Excludes studio). If we need multiple resources for our workshop there will be additional fees  that will be discussed and invoiced in addition to the base fee.

The video conferences are two thirty-minute long sessions that we will hold after our one-on-one session. This way we get to go over any further questions that may have come up after our sessions, critique of any new work, refinements and etc.

This structure is my attempt at making sure that the information is easier digest over time rather than doing everything in one or two days. You start with the eBook, and then in a few days or weeks we get on a video or phone call, from there set a date, meet and do our thing in person, then we’ll have two video calls after and that will complete our journey together.

If you’re interested, sign up for the list on the right.

Email me if you have questions (references are also available upon request).

If what you need help with is simple and you don’t need all the other stuff, get in touch and we will figure out a different rate for your specific need.


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